Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy anniversary!

On Saturday there has been my anniversary with my lover, and one thing I know is that it couldn't have been any more perfect. A day of total coyness. We had many plans outside the house, but luck had it that the weather was absolute crap that day, so we decided to skip on the zoo, trying sushi for the first time, and then dancing in the club we first met. So, as all snuggle bunnies would do, we just decided to pig it out, so we bought a serie (actually two), some movies, a lot of candy, champagne and we cuddled all day.

In the end, the anniversary turned out to be great because we did what we do best, be with each other while relaxing, and the end, well, let's just say that the end is suitable only for adult audiences, and too private for a blog.

The present wasn't really what I expected because well, I already got it a few weeks before. I'm a little snoop and I found it. But it was pretty sweet, I have to say. The second best present in the world, the first one is still his to give, that is the first except his undying love.

My gift from him:

Can you imagine a guy actually listened to me talking about makeup and got me a limmited edition beauty powder from MAC: Her Own Devices. He's a keeper, right?

The perfect gift:

For him to wonder, for the world to find out when I get it.

Until then, the ultimate gift is still mine. Love, love, his love.

Did I get him the perfect gift? What do you think? I think probably yes. What does he think? For all to wonder ;)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Exam 1 passed, 1 more to go

Yesterday I just found out I passed my language exam. Big surprise here because I was sure I failed it miserably (at least one part of it). Well, obviously I should never underestimate my awesomeness. I am surely a very smart person that kicks ass in exams, right?

Well, tomorrow I have another exam to pass. This one is a simple one (or so I think) and I am hoping to pass it fast and clean and then go back and work on my great final project. My life is so exciting, is it not?

You'd better bet it is, because believe it or not, those two exams, are the least exciting thing happening this week. This Saturday my relationship with my love is turning two. If our relationship were a baby, it would talk and walk by now. Two more years and our baby is going to kinder-garden. Is that crazy, or what?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

THE shopping day

You know how when you where a kid you couldn't wait to go with your parents in the supermarket, so you could get at the toy isle, and maybe, just maybe you got something there? Well, I am 21, and now, I can go there myself. I can go and look at the toys, the makeup for little girls (older girls now), and at clothes. God knows, girls had the shopping gene in them from birth.

The only difference now, is that I don't annoy my parents, but my boyfriend, that I drag along in need of a second opinion and some company. In lack of girlfriends, he has to do. I'm not sure how much he enjoys it, but I surely do, and if I do, he can suffer a few times a year for the sake of the fashion gods, right?

Now, to be honest, today was quite a fail when it comes to shopping, but surely, there could have been worse. Except a little eyeshadow, and a face cleanser, I came out of it with a pack of gum. Slow day you say? Well, by my school of thought, it was a very good day. I saved myself quite some money by not shopping too much.

I don't know if it's normal to be so happy at the end of a shopping day, but I can surely say that I am happy, and the fact that now I can relax and think of all the money I saved, well, it just makes me feel very good about myself. Oh, and don't get me wrong, if the day would have been more fruitful, I would have still relaxed, just that I would have been thinking about all the great purchases.

No matter how it ends, in my world, a shopping day is always a success.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Exam day, Oh happy day?

One thing that makes a happy person like me a bit unhappy is an exam. An an exam in Danish, a language that just makes babies cry is for sure not on top of my favorite things to do on a rainy, gloomy Wednesday. But it had to be done, and it was.

The result? Well, I will get it soon enough, but I don't have high hopes. It can go either way since I didn't feel very confident in what I did in one of the parts. But, on the bright side, because that is what this blog is all about. If I fail it this time, I will have the opportunity to study so much more for it. More studying equals more knowledge (or it should) , and in my eyes, that is as positive as it gets.

But the highlight of my day is the fact that tomorrow is my last internship day. And Starting Monday, I can work on my final project for uni, which I will call my little baby, because it is a project that came to be from the love of two people.

P.S:Is it normal to have chosen a place for your wedding even though no one asked you yet? Well, I did, and it made my day so much more happier.

Monday, November 1, 2010

When life gives you a couch

Today we bought a new couch, a new coffee table, and a new rug. Th enetire living room looks brand spanking new, and it's as cosy as it can get. The hallway is filled with cardbord (if you ever bought anything from IKEA, you know what I'm talking about) that waits to be prepared for recycling, and organizing needs to be done, but no one has time for that because in my world, love has the highest priority, and love demaded a cosy night on the new couch.

So love took us to our favourile turkish shop to buy our favourite snack, love took us to Blockbuster, and love made us find (for the first time in history) two movies that we both wanted to watch. I don't know if love was the one that made us remember to buy milk for tomorrow morning, but we did that too.

The day was great, and I hae to reccomend this to everyone that will ever a put it together yourself couch: there is nothing better than laying on the couch you just unscrambled, watch a movie with the one(s) you love, and hope that tomorrow your sore back will be just a far memory.

And for those that never bought a a put it together yourself couch: it's the most frustrating experience ever, but the end result, the feeling of accomplishment, and the need for a cosy evening, makes each ache in your body worth it.