Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy anniversary!

On Saturday there has been my anniversary with my lover, and one thing I know is that it couldn't have been any more perfect. A day of total coyness. We had many plans outside the house, but luck had it that the weather was absolute crap that day, so we decided to skip on the zoo, trying sushi for the first time, and then dancing in the club we first met. So, as all snuggle bunnies would do, we just decided to pig it out, so we bought a serie (actually two), some movies, a lot of candy, champagne and we cuddled all day.

In the end, the anniversary turned out to be great because we did what we do best, be with each other while relaxing, and the end, well, let's just say that the end is suitable only for adult audiences, and too private for a blog.

The present wasn't really what I expected because well, I already got it a few weeks before. I'm a little snoop and I found it. But it was pretty sweet, I have to say. The second best present in the world, the first one is still his to give, that is the first except his undying love.

My gift from him:

Can you imagine a guy actually listened to me talking about makeup and got me a limmited edition beauty powder from MAC: Her Own Devices. He's a keeper, right?

The perfect gift:

For him to wonder, for the world to find out when I get it.

Until then, the ultimate gift is still mine. Love, love, his love.

Did I get him the perfect gift? What do you think? I think probably yes. What does he think? For all to wonder ;)

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