Sunday, November 7, 2010

THE shopping day

You know how when you where a kid you couldn't wait to go with your parents in the supermarket, so you could get at the toy isle, and maybe, just maybe you got something there? Well, I am 21, and now, I can go there myself. I can go and look at the toys, the makeup for little girls (older girls now), and at clothes. God knows, girls had the shopping gene in them from birth.

The only difference now, is that I don't annoy my parents, but my boyfriend, that I drag along in need of a second opinion and some company. In lack of girlfriends, he has to do. I'm not sure how much he enjoys it, but I surely do, and if I do, he can suffer a few times a year for the sake of the fashion gods, right?

Now, to be honest, today was quite a fail when it comes to shopping, but surely, there could have been worse. Except a little eyeshadow, and a face cleanser, I came out of it with a pack of gum. Slow day you say? Well, by my school of thought, it was a very good day. I saved myself quite some money by not shopping too much.

I don't know if it's normal to be so happy at the end of a shopping day, but I can surely say that I am happy, and the fact that now I can relax and think of all the money I saved, well, it just makes me feel very good about myself. Oh, and don't get me wrong, if the day would have been more fruitful, I would have still relaxed, just that I would have been thinking about all the great purchases.

No matter how it ends, in my world, a shopping day is always a success.

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