Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Exam 1 passed, 1 more to go

Yesterday I just found out I passed my language exam. Big surprise here because I was sure I failed it miserably (at least one part of it). Well, obviously I should never underestimate my awesomeness. I am surely a very smart person that kicks ass in exams, right?

Well, tomorrow I have another exam to pass. This one is a simple one (or so I think) and I am hoping to pass it fast and clean and then go back and work on my great final project. My life is so exciting, is it not?

You'd better bet it is, because believe it or not, those two exams, are the least exciting thing happening this week. This Saturday my relationship with my love is turning two. If our relationship were a baby, it would talk and walk by now. Two more years and our baby is going to kinder-garden. Is that crazy, or what?

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