Monday, November 1, 2010

When life gives you a couch

Today we bought a new couch, a new coffee table, and a new rug. Th enetire living room looks brand spanking new, and it's as cosy as it can get. The hallway is filled with cardbord (if you ever bought anything from IKEA, you know what I'm talking about) that waits to be prepared for recycling, and organizing needs to be done, but no one has time for that because in my world, love has the highest priority, and love demaded a cosy night on the new couch.

So love took us to our favourile turkish shop to buy our favourite snack, love took us to Blockbuster, and love made us find (for the first time in history) two movies that we both wanted to watch. I don't know if love was the one that made us remember to buy milk for tomorrow morning, but we did that too.

The day was great, and I hae to reccomend this to everyone that will ever a put it together yourself couch: there is nothing better than laying on the couch you just unscrambled, watch a movie with the one(s) you love, and hope that tomorrow your sore back will be just a far memory.

And for those that never bought a a put it together yourself couch: it's the most frustrating experience ever, but the end result, the feeling of accomplishment, and the need for a cosy evening, makes each ache in your body worth it.

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